The Idea

Create a huge peace sign out of 67 “Old School” Weber® grills on the frozen Lake Wingra by convincing 67 people to donate $35 for the privilege of participating. Within the formation, we grill meat, enjoy friends and have fun in the great outdoors. Participation includes t-shirts and a raffle ticket. This is our only fundraiser, so let’s get lots of people to come and participate!

The Goal

Raise money and collect cooked meats to serve to our Savory Sunday patrons. Savory Sunday is an organization that feeds the needy every Sunday at 2pm in the
basement of the State Capitol.

How to Prepare

What you need to bring

A old school Weber® grill. Size is important, not color.
If you don’t have one, ask friends, family & neighbors in
order to borrow one.
Dimensions for 22.5 inch kettle:
Height: 38.5 inches
Width R-L: 25 inches
Depth: 22.5 inches.

Bring a sled to get your stuff onto the lake.
You will also need to supply your own Charcoal (a small
bag of Matchlight® would work well). Bring meat to grill
(some to eat and some to donate to feed the needy).
Don’t forget cooking utensils.

Things to consider

It will be cold on the lake so dress accordingly. We will re-schedule for the following Saturday if there is rain. If the ice is too thin, we will gather on a small rise across the street from where we will be parking. I will send out an e-mail the day before to confirm it’s a go. Bathrooms are across the street at the zoo. How long you grill is up to you. Depending upon what you grill, burgers, brats & hot dogs, vegetables, bread, Boca burgers will cook fast. So if you have somewhere to be, that’s what you should grill. Ribs, chicken, goat, beef, pork loin will take longer. We will supply a side dish and coffee, plates, napkins and cups.

We are a non-for-profit organization therefore all your donations are tax deductible.
Any further questions just e-mail me at